Return Policy

  • Representatives have a maximum of 4 months to request a refund/exchange.

  • Most Representatives receive Instant Credit when they request a refund/exchange.

  • The next invoice indicates if the product needs to be returned to Avon. The Representative then returns those products to Avon. Once a refund has been requested, all returnable products must be returned within 45 days or the account will be recharged.

  • Every refund/exchange is validated against invoice history.

  • The refund/exchange can only be requested with regular order submission.

  • Demos, Representative Net Items and Sales Aids are final sales and cannot be returned. They can, however, be exchanged if received damaged or wrong size was ordered.For Paper Purchase Order Representatives

  • A special “Credit Request Form” is printed with every invoice. This Form includes details of all refundable products such as price, discount, description, quantity.

  • Representatives must complete and send the original Credit Request Form back with their P.O to request a credit.

  • Exchanges can only be done on-line or by returning the product and re-ordering it as a back order.For Internet Representatives

  • Requests for a refund/exchange are done on-line when creating the regular order.

  • After every refund request on Internet or Paper P.O., a Detailed Product Return Form will be sent with the next invoice indicating the items that need to be returned.

  • The Detailed Product Return Form must be included with the products being returned to Avon.

  • If a refund is reversed, no awards sale will be given.

  • Returns received after 4 months will not be accepted or returned to the Representative.

Last Update: July, 2009