Policies and Procedures

*The shortened versions of the terms ‘Independent Sales Representative’ (Representative) and ‘Independent Leadership Representative’ (Leader) are used in this document for readability and conciseness purposes only.

DSM = District Sales Managers
PC = President’s Club Members
PCP = President’s Club Prestige Members
HS = Honor Society Members
DHM = David H. McConnell Members
PCC = President’s Club Council Members
LOA - Length of Association with Avon (campaigns)
PD1 & PD2 = Accounts past due one or two campaigns

Additional Orders (Add-Ons)

  1. To ship separately, internet and IVR add-on orders must be minimum $100*. Add-Ons called into a Telephone Agent must be minimum $125*.

  2. These add-ons are calculated as stand alone commissions.

  3. If an add-on is below this minimum, it will not be shipped separately but will be matched and shipped with the next regular order.

  4. There is no deadline to submit an add-on. However,any add-ons submitted four business days or less before the next order ships will be delivered with that order.

  5. Exceptions available for PCC/DHM.

  6. Add-on orders saved on the Internet and not submitted for that campaign are automatically cancelled after nineteen (19) days.

* Customer price excluding taxes

Administration Fees

  1. 1.5% administration fee is applied on the outstanding balance of an overdue account.

  2. Exceptions available for certain representatives.

Back Ordering

  1. You can back order two (2) campaigns from the current campaign unless otherwise stated.

  2. You cannot back order demos in the campaign of launch.


  1. You can order brochures up to two (2) campaigns in advance.

  2. PC and above can subscribe to receive one brochure three (3) campaigns in advance for $0.35.

    Process: With PC attainment, you will receive a letter with certificate and pin. You will be given a line number to use on a one-time basis to generate the advanced brochure (excludes Trendsetters).

  3. PCC/DHM and Representatives with annual average Customer service of fifty (50) or more Customers can order brochures up to three campaigns in advance (excludes Trendsetters).

Delivery Delay

See also Missing Boxes / Missing Order

If there is a delivery delay due to weather, road closure or mechanical failure, a voice message from Avon will be sent to the DSM and to impacted Representatives.

Demonstration Products (Demos)

  1. Demos are limited to one (1), as stipulated in the What’s New. They are available up to two (2) campaigns before product launch.

  2. First Demos are GST/QST/HST exempt.

  3. Demos cannot be back ordered in the campaign of launch.

  4. All the demo rules and regulations can be found in the Demo Ordering Instructions of the What’s New.


  1. The Avon Guarantee ensures that all our Customers are completely satisfied with each Avon purchase.

  2. If for any reason whatsoever an Avon product is not found satisfactory, it will be exchanged or the full purchase price will be immediately refunded upon its return to Avon. Certain restrictions apply.

For complete Guarantee, Click here.

Held Orders

See also Administration Fees

  1. An order might be held with missing or partial payment or if a signed Appointment Contract is missing.

  2. If an order value is unusually high, an upfront payment may be required to release the order.

  3. Orders held in credit for more than twenty-one (21) days are automatically cancelled.

  4. If an order is held due to payment issues, when it is released it might be sent off-schedule, second class mail which could delay receipt.

  5. If there are credit issues, the Credit Dept. will contact you directly.

Missing Boxes / Missing Order

  1. If there is a delivery delay due to weather, road closure or mechanical failure, a voice message from Avon will be sent to the DSM and to impacted Representatives.

  2. You should wait until one (1) day after expected delivery before taking any action.

  3. After the twenty-four (24) hours delay, click on Your Orders and Dates, Carrier Code for the order in question and follows the instructions.

  4. To report a carrier complaint, contact your DSM. The DSM will contact the Transportation Department directly.


  1. Payment in full for the previous order is due by invoice due date or a 1.5% Administration Fee will be charged on the balance. Payment must be received on time or the order may be held.

  2. Payment can be made by cheque, money order, internet or telebanking.

  3. Avon does not accept cash, post-dated cheques or Customer cheques. Incomplete, post-dated and non-negotiable cheques will be destroyed without further notice. Note: NSF cheques will incur a $20.00 service charge.

  4. Cheques may not be acceptable from some new Representatives. Your DSM or Upline will have more details.

Payment – Mail

  1. With Purchase Order and Payment Stub.


  2. Mail with Payment Stub to:

    Avon Canada Inc.
    5500, Trans-Canada Highway
    Pointe Claire, Québec
    H9R 1B6

Payment – Telebank and Internet (Electronic)

  1. Payment should be made two (2) business days before order submission to ensure payment is processed.

  2. Payment may be made by Internet or Telebanking through all major financial institutions.

  3. When registering an account with a financial institution, the District Number should be entered first. Otherwise, it will result in an error and payment will be rejected.

  4. Payment cannot be made at the bank counter or via an automatic teller machine (ATM).

Payment - Credit Cards

  1. Currently, Avon cannot accept credit card payment. Some exceptions can be made to clear delinquent accounts. For this, you should call the Contact Center.

  2. Some Representatives continue to use an older process (no longer offered) for accepting Customer Credit Card payment. Those credit card payment slips must be MAILED to Avon to be received two (2) business days prior to the order processing deadline.

Product Availability – Stop-Bill

  1. If a product is no longer available, it becomes a stop-bill.

  2. If a stop-bill becomes necessary on new products and you are not previously notified, Award Sales will be honored.

  3. You can check stop-bill product availability online. If a red dot appears beside a product description when placing an order online, this indicates a stop-bill; you will not receive the product. There are some exceptions for PCC/DHM.

  4. Red dots are also shown on the Product Availability List online. This list will also indicate if the product is temporarily unavailable and can be re-ordered at a later date.

Product Availability – Short

  1. If a product is temporarily unavailable but inventory is expected within two (2) campaigns, Award Sales will be given in the campaign when the product was ordered.

  2. A product short will be indicated on the invoice as - Short, Ship asap (as soon as possible within two (2) campaigns).

  3. The product will be billed when it is shipped.

  4. On occasion, you may be billed for a product that might not be in the box. Check the box to see if there is a notice explaining the discrepancy. If not, email or call Avon or use the refund /exchange feature with reason code 13.

Regular Order

  1. One Regular Order per campaign is allowed. If received early, it will only be shipped on the scheduled delivery date. There are delivery exceptions for PCC/DHM.

  2. The “Place Order” section has step by step instructions on how to order online.

  3. Orders saved online and not submitted for that campaign are automatically cancelled after nineteen (19) days.

  4. Avon does not encourage paper Purchase Orders because they are manually handled and more prone to input error.


A Representative can choose to re-join Avon within thirteen (13) campaigns of removal. This is called a re-instatement.

  1. No fee within three (3) campaigns of removal. Avon Head Office will call Representatives who have just been removed and re-instate them for free if requested.

  2. A $10.00 fee will be charged for reinstatements between the fourth (4th) and thirteenth (13th) campaign.

  3. The $20.00 Appointment Fee applies after the thirteenth (13th) campaign. A new Appointment Contract and Independent Sales and/or Leadership Representative Contract are required.

  4. Any overdue account balance must be paid in full in order to be re-instated.


  1. You are automatically removed after four (4) campaigns of inactivity (no orders).

  2. A delinquent payment account is removed after four (4) campaigns.

  3. You should email or call Avon directly if you would like to be removed from Avon’s active files.


  1. Customers must return all products, along with the Customer Invoice, to you within two (2) months of the delivery date (certain restrictions apply).

  2. You have up to four (4) months from the billing date indicated on the invoice to request a refund. Once a refund has been requested, products must be returned within eighty (80) days or the account will be recharged.

For complete Returns Policy, Click here.

Shipping Labels – How to read them

For instructions on Reading the Shipping Label, Click here.

Transportation (Carrier service complaint)

See also Missing Boxes / Missing Orders

To report a carrier complaint, click on Contact US.