Hosting a Successful Party

Give your Avon business a real boost.
A great way to do this is by holding an open house party.

Parties are a fun way to make sales

Parties are an informal, fun way to get to know people and find new customers, plus it’s a great opportunity to increase your earnings – parties allow you to easily promote special offers and new products. Parties also enable customers to see the products – far better than only relying on the picture in the brochure.

Invite your family, friends, work colleagues, customers and people who have not ordered yet - ask everyone to “bring a friend” – they will feel more comfortable and you may gain more customers.

If you have been a Representative for a while, you will be surprised just how many products you have around the home, but you can always add to what you have by ordering demo products. Remember – customers who try, buy! Be sure to ask your District Manager for ideas on organizing your Open House (she may even have demos you can use).

Here are some useful questions and answers to help you host a successful party and boost your sales and earnings.

Q. Where should I hold my party?

A. Hold the party in your own home, or you could ask one of your customers to use their home if it is more conveniently situated. If you do hold your party at someone else’s home, be sure to offer them a gift or a small discount and be prepared to provide light refreshments.

Q. How long should the party last?

A. As long as you feel comfortable with; as a guide 1 – 2 hours should be enough.

Q. When should I give out invitations?

A. Deliver invitations at least one week before your party.  Communication is key so be sure to remind your guests personally the night before or even the day of the Open House.

Q. When is the best time to hold my party?

A. Chose a date and time that will suit your customers. Depending on whether or not your customers go out to work, you can decide if they are more likely to attend a party during the day or in the evening.

Q. What else will I need?

A. You will need plenty of Avon brochures and order forms. You will also need tissue paper, Q-Tips and cotton balls for people to try your samples.

Q. What about refreshments?

A. Keep it simple. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, maybe a glass of wine – anything will be welcomed, as will chips or cookies.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Casual clothes that are neat and comfortable. Wear Avon jewellery, makeup and fragrance. Play background music to promote a relaxed atmosphere.

Q. How can I encourage people to buy on the day?

A. Talk to them while they try the products. When they like a particular product, suggest that they put it on their order form so that they don’t forget it later. Remind them about the Avon Guarantee.

Party Games

Get your party off to a fun start by trying a game, like Celebrity Couples!

If you’re looking for an icebreaker this game is guaranteed to get people talking! On arrival at the party, each person has a post-it note (or similar) stuck on their back without them seeing what it says. The post-it notes have been pre-written with the name of one half of a celebrity couple on each one.

The aim of the game is to find your partner without knowing who you are!

Ask other people yes or no questions about your identity, until you have guessed who you are and can find your partner.

  • Brad and Angelina

  • Laurel and Hardy

The opportunities are endless and don’t forget to include our Avon Celebrities & their partners

Secrets Game

You and your guests each write down a secret (or fact about themselves that nobody knows) on a piece of paper. You could even get them to write down a beauty/life secret to get the party off on the right foot!

Put all the pieces of paper in a bowl then begin. You pull out each piece of paper and read out the fact while your guests try to guess which secret belongs to which person. If you want to be formal, you can ask them to write all their answers down as they go. The person who gets the most correct answers wins.

This is a good "getting to know you" game.

Tips & Ideas

  • Try the products yourself before the party so you can tell your guests your experiences of using them.

  • Spray your Avon fragrance to welcome your guests.

  • Encourage guests to try on the jewellery and wear a piece yourself, coordinate your outfit with it for maximum impact.

  • Have makeup remover and cotton balls to hand out.

  • Buy Avon makeup removal wipes, to highlight another great product.

  • Create a relaxed fun atmosphere, background music always works well.

  • Have plenty of brochures and order slips available.

  • Think about when your order is due when deciding what day to have your party.

Gifts & Prizes

It’s a nice idea to offer your guests a gift or some samples to thank them for coming; this will also encourage repeat customers.

Maybe have a free Avon gift for your best customer of the night?

You could also host a Raffle with an Avon prize - proceeds to go to Breast Cancer Crusade. Also why not have some of the Breast Cancer Crusade Pins available to buy on the night?

How do I set up a display?

  1. Clear the display area required. A dining table would be fine.

  2. Using boxes or cubes, build a pyramid shape. This will be used to display your products.

  3. Cover the boxes with a cloth. Tuck in any rough edges.

  4. Always display products starting at the top of the pyramid and work downwards. Separate different categories into different areas, e.g. fragrance, skincare, makeup, men’s products.

  5. When displaying each group, use the tallest product first, working down in size to create a pyramid shape.

  6. Having positioned all of the products, add props to complete the display image, e.g. Christmas – garlands/artificial snow, Easter – daffodils; summer – sea-shells.

Display ideas

This display looks fabulous and allows all the products to be clearly seen.

If you’re feeling creative try something like this, you could cover any boxes you have with some material to make your products really stand out. The main thing to remember when displaying your products is that customers should be able to see them all easily and try them.